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To send a check or donate directly to my vet or pet supplies store: please email me for details.

* Organize a cat food drive at your work or church
* Raise funds with a bake sale, craft sale or yard sale
* Collect returnable bottles and cat food cans
* Collect items from the wish list
* Volunteer to foster and feed cats and kittens
* Spay/neuter your pets!
* Tell your friends and family about us

pine cat litter, cat food, toys, beds, bowls, bleach, towels, sheets, blankets, dog crates, pet carriers, cat scratchers, paper towels, dog igloo houses, plastic storage shelves, plastic storage containers, unscented laundry detergent, old shirts and soft clothing, (small holes & stains ok)

We can always use GIFT CARDS to:

Feeds Plus, Pet Goods, Pet Supplies Plus, Tractor Supply, any gas station

We are so excited to welcome you to Viridian Energy and tell you about this unique opportunity for our supporters to save money over time AND help the environment. This unique program gives us a chance to help you sign up for greener energy at affordable prices, while also helping our organization earn money to support our mission and program. We receive income from Viridian each month our supporters pay their utility bill, while you save money over time. How is this possible? The deregulation of energy has allowed customers the opportunity to choose their electricity supplier. Your utility company will still deliver the same reliable energy you've always had and service your needs, as well as provide you with the same, simple bill. Switch your energy supplier today in just minutes on our site and you are on your way to cleaner, more affordable energy for your home or small business. My power is Viridian.
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